Tips for Restorative Sleep

Tips for Restorative Sleep

Adequate sleep is the one of the most important elements to a healthy lifestyle. Not only does a lack of sleep affect your morning mood, sleep is also key to staying healthy. Benefits of adequate sleep include: healthier heart, reduced stress, increased mental alertness, improved memory, stronger immune system, increased productivity, reduced risk of depression, healthier body weight, and improved athletic performance. So how do we improve our ability to fall asleep and increase the amount of sleep we get per night?

Reduce Screen Time

Create a sleep positive bedroom by minimizing the amount of distraction and light before bedtime. Try to turn off all screens 45 minutes prior to bedtime. Switching from looking at a phone or tablet to reading a book before bed can greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to fall asleep


Our body naturally changes temperature throughout the day and should reach its lowest point in the late evening/early morning hours. Many sleep experts have found that having a cool room (65 degrees) provides the best quality of sleep throughout the night. If you don’t have A/C and a fan isn’t cutting it, try bringing a frozen water bottle into bed to help cool down the temperature around you.


Research shows that eating more fiber and less sugar and saturated fats throughout the day provides a deeper, more restorative sleep. Make simple switches like snacking on fruit instead of processed foods with sugar. Also, eat consistently at the same time each day and give yourself at least 2 hours to digest before bed. As a rule of thumb, eat your biggest meal at breakfast and your smallest meal at dinner to give your body time to completely digest throughout the day.


There are a variety of supplements available at health food stores that are known to aid in falling asleep and a more restful sleep. When looking for a quick solution to a better night’s rest, Coastal Clouds Sleep formula combines premium CBD and CBN with ingredients including, Valerian Root, L-Theanine, GABA, and Passionflower to promote restorative sleep. This water soluble CBD is created using advanced technology for maximum bioavailability and rapid absorption.* 


As expected, exercise helps to exhaust the body and make you physically tired at the end of the day. Exercise also helps to clear the mind, reduce anxieties, and assist individuals who experience difficulty falling asleep. Be sure to give yourself a 2-3 hour window so your body temperature can drop, your circulation can slow down and the mind can begin to quiet in preparation for sleep.


If falling asleep and quieting the mind is a challenge for you, try writing out your thoughts before bed or when you wake up with a racing mind. Oftentimes, our mind obsesses over the thoughts or tasks we have the next day.

Track Sleep

There are so many great tools to help you understand the length and quality of sleep you get throughout the night. Chances are, if you aren’t tracking your sleep, you probably aren’t getting enough.

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