Maximize Your Workout with the Relief Stick

Maximize Your Workout with the Relief Stick

Today we sat down with Robert Harper, Director of Fitness at Moxi3, a premier spin studio in Southern California. Robert has dedicated his career to fitness. With a CPT, CES and PES certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and a PFT from National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association, he is well educated in human movement and fitness not to mention over 9,000 training sessions of first-hand experience. Needless to say, he knows his way around the gym and is a great resource for advice on the best post-workout habits.

What are your recommendations for clients to mitigate the aches and pains following a hard workout?

A proper cool-down, hydration, and nutrition are essential in priming recovery from a hard workout. A proper cool-down includes some static stretching, low-intensity cardio, and potentially some myofascial release. Proper hydration and nutrition includes drinking lots of water and consuming a nutrient dense post-workout meal with plenty of protein and carbohydrates. This routine allows the body to properly recover from a workout by preventing the buildup of lactic acid, decreasing inflammation, improving blood circulation and providing the necessary nutrients required for muscle repair and growth. Certain supplements such as CBD can also be used to help recover from a workout. Especially when an athlete pushes their body to the limit in a workout, soreness can be experienced for a longer period of time due to increased inflammation. CBD can reduce inflammation in sore muscles and joints.*

How has our Relief Stick helped you personally?

I have been using the Coastal Clouds CBD Relief Stick for about a year now. It has helped me decrease the discomfort caused by muscle and joint pain after my workouts, runs, and long days moving equipment around my gym. I love using the Relief Stick because it accelerates my recovery so I am ready for my next workout sooner. Since I started using the Relief Stick, I have been able to push my body harder and recover faster which has helped me improve my performance exponentially.

What would your message be to someone curious about the relief stick?

If you’ve been struggling to recover from tough workouts or if you experience joint pain caused by exercise, I would highly recommend giving the Relief Stick a try. It’s safe and easy to use! Just roll it on your muscles and joints after a workout and you’re good to go!

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.