Coastal Clouds offers several different ways to use CBD and finding the right delivery method for your wellness routine is simple once you understand a little bit more about how each one works.

Oil Drops

Perhaps the most well-known CBD delivery method comes in the form of sublingual oil drops which are administered directly onto the glands underneath your tongue. This route of dosing is effective because it allows a high concentration of CBD to be delivered directly into the bloodstream for rapid results.

This is where all the talk about CBD’s “bioavailability” comes into play. Bioavailability is measured as the percentage of a dose of medicine that reaches the blood stream. For a frame of reference, an IV injection is considered 100% bioavailability. Sublingual Oil Drops have a bioavailability of 12-35%.

For CBD to have its therapeutic effect it must be dosed in the appropriate amount for your delivery method so that the highest concentration of active CBD reaches the bloodstream. Our Coastal Clouds Premium Flavored Oils come in 750mg and 1500mg strengths so you can manage your dosing more precisely. If you’re just starting out with CBD, this is probably the best way to test the waters and figure out what dosing will work best with your body.

On average, you can expect our oil drops to start working 5-20 minutes after dosing with effects lasting 2-4 hours. 


For people who are looking for immediate relief, Coastal Clouds CBD Vapor is the way to go. Vapor users report that the effects of the CBD can be felt immediately after dosing and its effects last about 1 hour.

The bioavailability of Coastal Clouds CBD Vapor is roughly 30%-50% and offers results almost instantly.

Flower and Hemp Rolls

Coastal Clouds CBD Flower is a cannabis bud with high CBD levels and very low THC.  Like vapor, the effects are almost immediate, but you will need a method for inhalation – either a joint, vaporizer, or pipe to heat up and activate the cannabinoids in the hemp flower. The bioavailability of flower in this form is somewhere between 25-50%. Coastal Clouds Hemp Rolls give you all the benefits of inhalation of CBD Flower in a convenient pre-rolled package.

Still, if inhalation doesn’t appeal to you, flower also gives you the option to create edibles by baking or cooking Coastal Clouds Hemp Flower into your favorite meals or treats. Edibles won’t work as quickly as inhalation or sublingual drops though. You will have to wait 30-90 minutes for relief, but because you are digesting the flower, you will get a longer lasting, low concentration of CBD in your bloodstream that can last 4-6 hours. Bioavailability is considered lower for edibles than other methods because it must pass through your digestive system before the CBD can reach your bloodstream, but this is effective for anyone that is looking to start out slow.

Relief Stick

The Coastal Clouds CBD Relief Stick is great for localized treatment of minor aches, pains of sore muscles or joints. It is not absorbed by the bloodstream, so dosing and bioavailability are not a factor and you can use as needed. CBD is absorbed by the skin and provides topical relief for aching muscles and other pains in the same way an ice pack or heating pack would help. 

The Coastal Clouds CBD Relief Stick is formulated with natural premium ingredients that enhance CBD’s topical effects and are also known to support muscle relaxation and pain relief— menthol crystals, arnica montana, and capsicum provide maximum strength relief to aching muscles. Soothing eucalyptus, peppermint, sage, lavender and frankincense offer the benefits of aromatherapy to release tension and encourage relaxation.