6 Ways to Help Quiet the Mind

6 Ways to Help Quiet the Mind

We strive to live a stress-free life, but sometimes everyday pressures and stressors overburden us and throw us out of balance. Below are 6 of our favorite tips to help quiet the mind and keep you calm, cool, and collected.

15 minutes of breathing

Set aside 15 minutes each day to sit or lay in a comfortable position. Lengthen your inhales; slow down your exhales. While breathing, go through each of your senses and notice the most intense version of the sense you’re experiencing and then the least noticeable (for example the loudest sound and the quietest sound). Once you have slowly and thoughtfully taken notice of all of these variations of the senses, begin to notice them all together and all at once for the remainder of the breathing exercise. For more information on this read Stress Less Accomplish More by Emily Fletcher.

Manage lists

Before busy days or weeks create a to do list. This will help you reduce the stress of memorizing these tasks and allows you to relax knowing you can reference back to your organized list. Keep your list with you throughout the day and be sure to check off each task as you accomplish it. Checking off completed tasks actually sends a motivational jolt of dopamine to your brain and teaches you to enjoy the satisfaction of getting things done.

30 minutes of exercise

It’s common to think that the harder the workout, the better it is for you. Emily Brown with Genetic Garden reminded us that is not always the case. “Depending on the type of lifestyle you lead, a physically demanding workout can actually build up more stress in the body and leave you feeling more physically and mentally exhausted. If you have a high stress job that is physically or mentally demanding, you might benefit most from a brisk 30-minute walk or yoga class. If you are accustomed to a low-impact lifestyle, a 30-minute jog or spin class could help invigorate the mind and body, leading to a more productive day and lower stress levels over time. Consider your exercise routine as a tool to balance you out, not just tire you out”

Reduce caffeine

Although caffeine is great for waking us up when we’re tired, it can also cause anxiety throughout the day if too much is ingested. Caffeine also disrupts our sleep patterns. Making some minor adjustments can help you get into a better balance and promote a calmer experience throughout the day. Try only drinking caffeine before 10 am, limiting yourself to 1 serving of coffee per day, and maybe consider switching from coffee to tea for a lower dose of caffeine that is more easily broken down by the body.

Midday Stretch

Taking five minutes to stretch improves focus and concentration and can boost our mood. Try planning an afternoon stretch to increase circulation, oxygenate the brain, and improve your posture.

Incorporate CBD

Coastal Clouds CBD offers so many options for incorporating CBD into your daily routine. Focus Capsules and Sleep Capsules are a great way to experience the benefits of CBD combined with botanicals, minerals, and amino acids. Softgels provide a convenient dose throughout the day and are especially great before or after a workout. Our Relief Stick offers soothing topical relief. Coastal Clouds CBD Oil Drops are deliciously flavored and can easily be dropped under your tongue or a relaxing infusion to your favorite food or beverage. Our Flower and Hemp Rolls are made from premium hemp grown under the sun in the USA. Coastal Clouds CBD Vapor is made from CBD isolate and comes in 5 delicious flavors. Any of the Coastal Clouds products help you to stay calm, stay cool and stay collected.